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How to make a hot compress for eye infection?

I heard that hot compress is good for eye infection. So, can you tell me how to make it so as to help my eye infection?
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  • Dawn C.


    Well, so sorry to see that your eyes are infected. So, as you can see, by applying hot compress, it can comfort my eyes. However, you should know that some kinds of infections could not be compatible with hot water or water contact would be forbidden. So, what I suggest to you is to consult a doctor and take some measures afterwards!
  • Jacob adams


    Yes, the hot compress may be good for the eye infection which will make your blood circulation around the eyes go quickly. You just need some hot water and a clean cloth. Then you soap the cloth and wring the cloth to cover it on the eyes for about two or three minutes. You could do it several times a day. This will to some degree release your eye infection. In addition, you could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to release the eye infection. You could make the eyes get moisture first. You could also eat more food with vitamin which will also be good for your eye infection.
  • walkinpaperdoll


    Really, warm compress is a wonderful way for the eye discomfort, especially for the eye infection. Of course, you should make the warm compress in the right way, and now I will tell you some main steps for the warm compress. Firstly, you have to wash your hands with soap in case the bacteria will come to the compress. Secondly, Fold a clean, soft washcloth in thirds lengthwise, and fill a medium of a bowel with lukewarm water. Thirdly, pls wet the cloth with the tap water you prepared. Last but the most important step is that remove the wet cloth from the bowl of water. OK, now the preparation is finished and you can put the cloth on your eyes and press it tightly. Do put your towel into the water in the bowel every 10 seconds. And just repeat the last step about 20 times. Hope you can cure your eye infection with my steps about the warm compress.