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What are in style glasses for kids in 2012?

i am about to buy eyeglasses for my girl. She prefers trendy glasses. What glasses are in style right now?
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  • Christian scott


    If yo want to buy the trendy kid's eyeglasses, the round lenses eyeglasses are among the 2012 top rank. When your girl wears the round lenses eyeglasses, it will look cute and sweet. You can choose the pink ones which may be suitable for girls. If you take the matching with clothing into consideration, you could choose the white or black frame ones.
  • Michael?griffin


    Well, as a matter of fact, this is a changing world where new things come and go. There are nothing in the world that can be lasted forever. However, currently, I recommend something that is really trendy and in. Yes, what we call nerd glasses recently are really in and they look quite cool with girls. You can easily find different types of nerd glasses on the Internet. Just find out the most suitable one.
  • Jacqueline hall


    Seems that the rimless style is making quite a statement recently, Titanium metal is also a newer innovation lightweight and hypo-allergenic, also Semi-Rimless are quite fashionable for your girl. Also if you haven't already checked online there are a spree of new opening webpages that sell glasses at remarkable prices with many options like UV, Anti-scratch, Anti-glare.