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Can dehydration cause bags under the eyes?

Is it possible to get bags under the eyes because of dehydration? If so, how to treat it?
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  • Wendy


    Yes, it is possible to get eye bags under the eyes because of dehydration. You could use the tea bags to cover on the eyes to release the eye bags. In addition, you could use the oil essential to adopt on the eye skins to make the eye bags get released. You could also through the surgery to get rid of the eye bags under the eyes.
  • Alexia


    Well, generally speaking, dehydration can lead to eye bags under eyes. For the dehydration, according to many experts, it is a condition that occurs when the loss of body fluids, mostly water, exceeds the amount that is taken in. so it can lead to the water go out of the body and there is no enough water for the organs to work. In this way, our body can be disordered and in serious case, it can affect our eyes and lead to some eye diseases, such as bloodshot eyes, red eyes, even dark circles and eye bags under your eyes. Of course, in serious cases, it can be a risk of your life. So you should drink more water and eat more fruits to make sure you have enough water intakes. Also, you can use some cool cucumber on your eyes. Besides, you should know that lack of sleep and stress can lead to eye bags too. anyway, just be careful.
  • duncan


    Well, it seems that you care a lot about your eye bags. So, as a matter of fact, there are various causes for eye bags. And you have to identify which type you belong to. So, generally speaking, eye bags are resulted from aging, because with age, our skin, would go loose which would give rise to eye bags and our skin has a lack of nutrition and care. Therefore, you need to pay due attention to your skin, try to use some cosmetics and have a healthy diet.