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How to make your eyes look like allison harvard ?

Is there any way to make eyes look like allison harvard? Any suggestion?
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  • Sherri H


    Well, it seems that you are quite into allison harvard, who is an American model and artist, renowned for her beautiful and amazing looks. So, her eyes are quite big and see blue colored. If your eyes are not blue colored. Then there are no natural ways to help. But there are blue contact lenses for you to choose from. Also, you might as well do some eye makeups to appear more like her style.
  • Luthy


    As far as I know,she has big eyes and she likes to draw black circle under her eyes.So if you really want to make your eyes look like hers,you can follow my suggestions. Firstly,you need to pick out one of the photos of hers which you like most. Secondly,you should analyze what kind of things contribute to her eyes,I mean eye liner or eye shadow,and cosmetic contact lenses ,etc.The crucial part in this session is that you have to make sure the particular color she use. Thirdly,go to the department store,buy those stuff you need to draw your eyes, if you cannot draw your eyes on your own,ask the shop assistant to teach you. Finally,imitate the picture you choose and then draw your own eyes.

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