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How to relieve dry eyes from air conditioner?

I feel very dry of my eyes when i stay in room with air conditioner. Is there any way that can help me releases from that?
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  • constans


    When air conditioner operates, it will cool the room temperature and the steam in the room will turn into liquid and be drained. That's why people feel dry in room with air conditioner. There are several methods to solve the problem. If you already have dry eye, the most effective way is using eyedropper. That will help immediately. To be easier, you can just blink more often so that your eyes will be protected from drying. Drinking more water and reduce the time of facing TV or computer screen are also helpful. If you want to avoid the situation thoroughly, put a cup of water, a humidifier or some plants in the room when you start the air conditioner. It will keep the air in the room moist.
  • gerard


    If you stay too much time in the room with air conditioner, you will feel dry at both your eyes and your complexion. You'd better have a rest for your eyes. Then use the eyedrops to release the dryness. You'd better prepare the chrysanthemum tea and drink it often to moisture the eyes.
  • Mackenzie


    The biggest issue that caused by air conditioner is dry eyes. One simple solution to alleviate symptoms of dry eyes is using artificial tears or lubricating drops. For those who wear contact lenses, if you are spending an extended period of time in an air conditioned environment, such as a working day. You have better switch to glasses for a few working days, or change to more hydrating brands of contact lenses. On the other hand, you can intake omega-3 fatty acids from daily diet to relive dry eyes effectively.

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