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Can soap in eyes cause blindness?

It was a accident that a bit soap water splashed into my eyes. My eyes feel hurt. Can soap in eyes cause blindness?
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  • confused_withac


    Well, of course, soap will not cause the blindness. So you should not worry about it. Just wash your eyes with clean water, so that it can relieve the pain in your eyes. As we know that soap contains a lot of chemical materials, so it can be the irritants to the eyes. If you do not wash your eyes as soon as possible, it can not hurt your eyes, but also can infect your eyes. And then lead to eye infection. At that moment, it can be dangerous, for you may suffer red eyes, and dry eyes, even watery eyes. After wash your eyes, you can use some eye drops to protect your eyes too.
  • Christopher dale


    If you don't get the soap out of the eyes, it will cause the blindness. You'd better wash the soap out of the eyes with clean water. Or else, your eyes may feel painful and itchy. The chemical materials of the soap may stimulate your eyes. You should not let it in the eyes for a long time.
  • Chelsey


    Well, I quite relate to how you feel right now, it must be very painful right? All right, as you can see soap is made up of some chemical stuff, which could be very irritative to your fragile eyes, giving rise to some uncomfortable feelings and reactions, even some infections. Therefore, what you need to do right now is to flush your eyes with plenty of clean water with salt, then get some eye drops to deal with it under the doctor's advice.