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How long before symptoms of pink eye show up?

If I was exposed to pink eye how many days will it take to show up? I want to know how long until I will see symptoms if I get pink eyes?
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  • Angela green


    It is different to figure out how long before symptoms of pink eye show up. Some people with either red eyes or cold symptoms in the last week before your symptoms showed up. But for some people, Usually, the symptoms of transmissible conjunctivitis typically present within two days. Some of them even appear within 24 hours of exposure.
  • walkerpaul


    Pink eyes are also called the keratoconjunctivitis infectiosa which is caused by infectious touch, such as the direct seeing for a long time or the touch of towels of the people with pink eyes. It happens in rush, usually 1 or 2 days will damage your immune system. Sometime, you don't even realize that you have got the pink eye only after you feel uncomfortable in your eyes.
  • fergus


    From some people's experiences, pink eye can show up as early as a couple hours or a couple days. But usually it shows up the next morning. This all depends on different people and different situations. In most cases, it is transmissible for approximately 24 hours after presentation of symptoms, so if you do begin to show signs, you can do something below. By following the usual precautions, you can relieve from it. First, using Soap and water is a good way. Then you should also avoid people.
  • Karin


    Typically, it takes a few days before the symptoms appear. Different people will encounter different kinds of specific symptoms so you don't need to worry too much. If you don't feel comfortable, you might as well visit the doctor before it is too late. Pink eyes will make your eyes itch and dry, often accompanied with eye watering.