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What to do when I have pink eye?

I got pink eyes. Does anyone who can tell me what I should do or what to avoid. Any answer will be appreciated!
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  • Catherine


    There are multiple ways to treat pink eye, contingent upon what type of conjunctivitis you are getting, be it viral, bacterial or allergic. When you are infected with bacterial pink eye, some antibiotic eye ointment or drops might stand you in good stead, but they don't appear to work out quite well for viral conjunctivitis. For that matter, you'd better pay extra attention to hygiene, for the main cause of viral pink eye is ascribable to poor hygiene. You have to wait till it clears up gradually in a few days. If as ill luck would have it that you are one victim of allergic conjunctivitis, the best thing you can avail of is some artificial tears that help dilute irritating allergens. Antihistamine allergy pills or eye drops also may help control pink eye symptoms. Anyway, in order to make your eyes better, you can always place warm compresses on your eyes or drop some lubricating eye drops to ease the discomfort.
  • walkingjaded


    The spread of pink eyes is from eyes to hands, and then from hands to others' eyes. Any patient's articles may carry virus such as towel, wash basin, door knob etc. Make sure you wash your hands frequently, and keep your hands from your eyes to avoid across infection. Reduce the times that you go out to public place of gathering. Personal hygiene is important, and use your own private staff and avoid other people use yours, because the pink eye are always easy to affect together with whole family and classmates group by close contact. Scalding your staff and eye drop may help you recover from disease soon.
  • Calvin


    After you have pink eye, the most important thing you should do is to keep the good habit of hygiene. During the treatment, you should avoid the touch between the patients or the things they have just touched as possible as you can, such as the facecloth, washbasin and so on. You should go to the public places as little as possible, such as the swimming pool, theater or stores. The personal things such as the towel or handkerchief and public things should be better disinfected and isolated. What's more, you should manicure frequently, keep the habit of washing hands before and after the dinner. Last of all, do not use your dirty hands to rub your eyes.
  • Caroline hill


    Pink eye, which may sound scary yet a kind of common eye problem, is able to be easily treated with a few simple precautions. Firstly, soothe pink eye with a hot or cool compress can be useful, it is better to cover nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing, and rubbing or touching eyes during this period may make things worse. Moreover, in order to keep everything clear, you'd better try to keep away from other people's stuff during your ''pink eye'' time. Specifically, it is sensible to not share any personal items like washcloths, hand towels or tissues when you suffer from this issue, even including eye contact with people around you. In the meanwhile, get your own stuff clear all the time. What's more, washing your hands frequently is also a must for ''pink eye'' suffers.