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Jocelyn griffin


How to treat snow blindness?

I just wonder what I can do to cure snow blindness. Can you tell me more about ways to deal with snow blindness?
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  • emily_109


    Snow blindness is a tricky vision problem when your eyes are subjected to the glaring reflection of sunshine on the snow or ice. It can trigger the symptoms of inflammation, redness and watering of eyes. In order to alleviate or cure snow blindness, you should the following things: 1. First thing first, you need a clean piece of cloth or blindfold to cover your affected eyes or you can wear wrap around glasses or goggles to avoid further deterioration. Should circumstance demand, you shall go to see the doctor as soon as possible. Generally speaking, the symptoms of snow blindness will go away in 24 hours to three days. 2. If the pain stemming from snow blindness is intolerable, do make a point of taking an over-the-counter pain killer to alleviate your stress. 3. Protective measures are to be taken. Use your eyes as least as possible and keep from being irritated by strong glare. Remember to take off your contact lenses in case of further infection. 4. A tip of advice, do not rubber your eyes and let them have a good rest.
  • Alexa


    The preventive action of snow blind: Safety goggles are the things that you must need! The one that contains metallic oxide of snow blind glasses or polarized goggles would be better for your preference. The goggle that would filter more than 90%'s ultraviolet must be adopted in the circumstance of high altitude. If you meet an emergency, the paperboard or chip are also useful to make into simple goggles. The therapeutic measures of snow blind: 1. Relieve the pain, you may use anesthetic and coating eye ointment to relief the symptom. 2. Protect your eyes to prevent the secondary injury. Use goggles once attack happens. 3. Remove the contact glasses off your eyes, to increase the infectious or stimulated chance of your cornea. 4. The sterilized absorbent cotton needs to apply to your eyes. The above medical care must insist 24-48 hours till the stimulated symptom totally disappeared. The timely care makes you have no sequelae after that. And if you move to low altitude from high altitude, it will also make you recover soon.
  • Arianna griffin


    Snow blindness is a symptom of temporary blindness caused by the strong stimulation on the eye retina. If you unluckily get this, you should cover your eyes with eyeshade or the clean gauze immediately before you go to see the doctor. Keep in mind that do not use your eyes any more. Let it have a good rest and it will recover between 24 hours and the 3 days. During the treatment, you must take off your contact lenses and keep the eyes from the strong light stimulation. It is better not to rub eyes. Having a good rest, you will relieve the pain of the eyes and keep from the injury again.
  • Larry S


    When snow blindness occurs, it must be very uncomfortable and painkillers. To explain it in the simple way, there are two main methods to cure snow blindness which should be treated as soon as the signs or symptoms are noted. Firstly, apart from cold wet compresses without using eyes reluctantly, wearing a pair of wraparound sunglasses or glacier eyewear with darker lenses, side covers as well as greater visible light filtration is very useful when the casualty has not developed a severe level. Additionally, relieving pain and preventing getting hurting again are also essential. To be specific, it is a must to remove contact lenses and avoid rubbing your eyes. To sum up, it is a fact that snow blindness can be cured with 1-3 days, so that seeing a doctor ASAP is an effective solution after taking the methods shown above.