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What do you think of this big sunglasses trend?

This year, so many people wear big sunglasses. do you like this big sunglasses trend? If I am about to buy sunglasses, do you suggest me to wear big sunglasses just like other people do?
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  • Melanie smith


    Personally, big sunglasses will last for the next years. It is wise to buy big sunglasses. With big sunglasses, you can use it for disguising your face, making you cool and charming. Besides, they can also protect your eyes well especially when you stay in sun. So, big sunglasses will make you fashionable and cool in the next years. So, just go ahead.
  • Danielle lewis


    Of course, the big sunglasses will continue to be popular this year. Everywhere you can see, there are a lot of people wearing these big frame sunglasses in 2012. We benefit a lot from the big sunglasses. They are the most fashionable sunglasses around us. In addition, the big sunglasses can cover all parts of the eyes, so that they can fully protect the eyes from injury. Overall, therefore, the big sunglasses represent a symbol of elegance and fashion.
  • Andrea warren


    Really, the big sunglasses become the popular trend this year. About whether you should buy it to follow the trend, I think it depends on your face shape. If your face is suitable to wear this type of big sunglasses, it is worthy to buy one and show your uniqueness and fashion. If not, you'd better perish the thought.

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