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Noah rupert


How to deal with dry eyes after using computer for a long time?

After long time hard work in front of computer, my eyes feel very dry . It is very uncomfortable. So, what can i do to deal with my dry eyes after using computer for a long time?
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  • Anthony


    If you get dry eyes but have to often use computer, you can prepare a bottle of eye drops to help releases eye dry and eye strain. Besides, you shall keep eye get a break to help your eyes. Besides, always put a cup of water on the desk to increase the moist in the air around you. You must keep good rest and enough sleep every day. It will help to keep your eyes health.
  • Riley eddy


    You must have spent a lot of time using your eyes in front of computer, without letting them rest for a while. The immediate treatment is to use the eyedrop to release the temporary symptom of dry eyes. If you want to make it happen less, you should eat more food with Vitamin A to add more water inner the body. And you need to have a little rest during the work, moving your neck and have a far look outside which may adjust your vision.