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Should a 7 yr old wear contact lenses?

Is it bad for a 7 years old boy to wear contact lenses? If so, what's the side effect?
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  • Minaxi Patel


    Yes, it is bad for a 7 years old boy to wear the contact lenses because his eyeballs are not developed in mature state. Wearing the contact lenses will make the eyes get dry and hinder the normal development for the eyes, especially for the young boys. Thus, the little children is not allowed to wear the contact lenses.
  • Jennifer


    Well, I am so surprised to know that a 7 year old boy is myopia. So, as a matter of fact, he is quite young and perhaps he does not really need a pair of glasses. On the other hand, you should take the boy to an eye clinic to check and consult the doctor to see if he really needs a pair. Since his vision could be improved, I suggest that more attention be paid to the boy's vision and health.
  • eiri_des


    As usual, the 7 years old children can wear the contact lenses. However, I strongly suggest you not do that, because you know wearing contacts is harmful for the cornea. Once you wear the contact lenses, your cornea will be hurt once. Besides, you know, many children do not know how to put on or off the contacts, and if they do not do it properly, there will be some side effects. For example, the kids' eyes are easily to get infected, because the young children always forget to put off the lenses when they sleep, even though they do, there are more possibilities for the kids to leave bacteria into their eyes. At the same time, you know there is a surgery that can help us to cure the nearsighted, however, if the kids have been wearing contacts for too long time, when the children grow up, the doctor will advise not do the surgery considering the safety of the eyes. Hope my personal experience will help you.
  • cazik


    Well, generally speaking, an A 7 year old teenager is not supposed to wear contact lenses, for it is dangerous to have contact lenses for teenagers. According to some experts, teenagers’ eyes have been growing in a fast speed. If they wear contacts in a young age, it will be harm to eye growing. Also, it will damage the eyes’ organ, and weaken your eye’s ability. Also, you should know that eyes are so sensitive that they can be infected easy, in a young age, so it can lead to many eye diseases, such as pink eyes, and eye infection. So they should not wear contact lenses until they grow up. Or it can harm to their eyes.
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