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Is it true color blindness gets worse with age?

I heard that color blindness will get worse as time goes on. Really? Is there anyway to stop it?
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  • lova


    Well, generally speaking, color blindness will go worse with the time. Color blindness is a genetically inherited condition. And it usually occurs due to the genetics, and is passed from one generation to another. For the causes of color blindness is the improper work or absence of one of three cones in our eyes that are responsible for distinguishing colors. But, on the other hand, some people who suffer from the color blindness can be because of some kind of eye problem, including injury of the eye, aging or as a side effect of using certain medications or drugs. So you need pay more attention to your eyes. For the treatments, generally speaking, inherited color blindness will last forever and it can get worse as the time goes by. So you can not heal it. But partial color blindness can be treated by wearing corrective glasses, surgery, or by quitting with consuming certain drugs or medications that caused the color blindness. So you can console it with your doctor, so that he can decide the right treatments for you.
  • b1wdancer23


    In the basic aspect, the color blindness will not get worse as time goes on except the bad situation of body health. The color blindness is hereditary from the mother or the father. It is the eye disease with long life. The color blindness can be divided into two main kinds. One is the full color blindness and another is the color blindness with parts. That is to say, some people only can't distinguish the limited colors. This kind of people are said to own the part color blindness. If a person can't distinguish all the colors except the white and black, he is called the full color blindness. If you have the color blindness, you will find a lot of trouble in life. If your body health gets serious, your color blindness may get serious. You could get through the healthy diet to adjust the symptom of worse color blindness.
  • Ariana


    No, it would not become worse with age. Color blindness means a person who is unable to distinguish some specific colors, such as red and green colors. It can range from mild to severe degree of color deficiency. The inability to correctly identify colors is the only sign of color blindness. And it is a non-corrective eye problem as well as no preventive way due to it is genetic. Our genes could not be changed, and the color blindness could not have any change, either.

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