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Why do i squint for no reason

I always squint for no reason, and sometimes this makes me feel a little awkward because I will be easily misunderstood that I am impolite to others. I really want to know why this happen? Is that a kind of disease? If it is, how to cure that?
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  • walkingalone00


    First of all, you should carry a good mentality. You know what? It happens a lot in children and sometimes it also happens in adults. Don' t worry too much about that. Actually, the real reasons that lead to this situation are still unknown. I don' t know whether you are congenital squints of unknown cause or just Squint related to refractive errors. But there are still some ways which can treat squint. If it is constant squint, it needs to be cured immediately. You have to realize that the most powerful way is to control yourself, it is not a short process. Besides, if it is Intermittent Squint, the doctor may treat you with judicious patching, special glasses, and vision therapy. Be happy, you will make this.
  • Allison leslie


    Usually there must be some reasons for the squinty eyes. People with squint eyes may be born to be or the bad habits of using eyes which causes the damage of the muscles in the eyes. When you look at people with squint eye sight, they may think you look down upon them. It is so embarrassed. There are two main reasons for the squint eyes. Superior oblique muscle function inadequate or inferior oblique muscle function outside too much can cause rotation concealed oblique. If the oblique muscle function is under too strong or oblique muscle function is in deficiency, it can cause internal rotation hidden inclined. Then you may have the squint eyes. Secondly, the oblique astigmatism will cause squint eyes too. When looking at horizontal and vertical line, it can appear scattered optical axis tilt of the slope which is equivalent to the eyeball rotation occurs, such as fluctuation of oblique muscle forces cannot overcome the retina caused by oblique astigmatism like tilt. Then it can produce optical rotation hidden inclined. You'd better go to check out the real reason for your squint eyes in the hospital. Or else, you will not be convenient in life.