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Riley gary


Can i have cataract surgery if i have dry eyes?

I suffered from dry eyes. Also, I troubled with cataract. Can I take cataract surgery? Or it will make my dry eyes even more serious?
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  • walkingbassline


    Yes, you can have cataracts surgery even if you have dry eyes. But you shall know that cataracts surgery usually exacerbate dry eyes. In fact, even if you haven't dry eyes before the surgery, you have the risks of dry eyes after the surgery. But now, there are some doctor suggested to use Restasis and punctal plugs before the surgery. It is said that that can control dry eyes before you proceed with surgery. Anyway, I think you shall take an eye exam and consult your eye doctor if you plan to take cataracts surgery.
  • Carol


    Can I have cataract surgery if i have dry eyes
  • Brandon


    Yes, your eyes may be more dry after taking the cataract surgery. However you need to do something to make this situation get better. Cataract is a common blinding eye disease. As we know, the eyes are the important organizations which are referred to as the lens. Under normal circumstances, it is transparent. The light gets through it and some refractive stroma gets to the retina which can clearly see the outside world an object. Once the lens opacity is occurred due to some reasons, it will affect retinal imaging, making the person not see anything. That is to say, lens opacity may result in vision loss. Thus it is very important to cure the cataract. After the cataract surgery, your eyes may be serious at dryness. You could use the eyes drops to moisture the eyes. At the same time, you need to pay attention to avoid excessive use of eyes for a long time in front of computers. You could eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes.