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Can I buy 3d glasses walmart?

Does walmart provide 3D glasses? If they have, how much are do they usually charge?
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  • Dip


    No, the walmart does not sell the 3d glasses now. It is said that walmart is running out the 3d glasses. You will have to go to other places to buy one. Or you could wait for it to have the new goods resource. Usually the 3d glasses will be charged at $ 30 at average. You could wait for a moment and go to the walmart to have a look.
  • Joseph campbell


    Yes, there are 3D glasses in Walmart, but not every subbranch of Walmart has them. I suggest you to buy it in Walmart online supermarket or others such as Amazon. The price is different for each pair of 3D glasses, which is decided by the quality and material. You can search it online at
  • Hae


    Yes, you can find 3D glasses in walmart. In recent years, 3D glasses has being popular, due to the development of TV and movies, thus we can get it easier than before. The prices is different at each pair of glasses. With high Performance Polarized Lenses, you can enjoy the feeling of personally on the scene.

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