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Can 3d glasses be used with any tv?

Every time we see 3D movie, we need to wear 3D glasses. I wonder if 3d glasses can be used with any tv?
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  • Jocelyn griffin


    Well, it seems that you have little knowledge about 3D glasses and 3d shows. As far as I know, 3d effects could be achieved with the combination of 3d glasses and 3d shows, one less, no effects. However, some newly introduced techs have made it possible to achieve this without 3d glasses. So, actually, you will not get those effects with only 3d glasses, but a great high-tech tv set and shows.
  • Nancy


    The answer is no,3D movies are made in a particular way, and the difference is technology subtle. The movie makers cooperate with lots of IT talents to make the screen different, on the other hind, normal tv never do this special procedure. However there still be a method for you to enjoy 3D at home. Most IT company launched a application to change the form of normal TV, to turn them to 3D movie. For instance, Windows 7 and 8 can accommodate this type of software.
  • Kevin percy


    No, the 3d glasses can't be used with any common tv because the common tv has no functional effect as the screen in the movie. If you wear the 3d glasses to watch the common tv, your eyes will be hurt at the vision. You'd better not do this. It is very bad for the eyes.