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Why do blue eyes see better in the dark?

I heard that blue eyes can see better in the dark. Is it true? Why or why not?
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  • evilrain


    Yes, the blue eyes will see better in the dark because the much red infrared rays will be better filtered by the blue eyes. That is the main reason to explain this. You could use the blue contact lenses for the better vision in the dark night. At the same time, the blue contact lenses with prescription will make you look beautiful at the eyes.
  • Sapna


    Well, in my opinion, it is not right that blue eyes can see well in dark. Generally speaking, eye color has nothing to do with sight and it is just a genetic thing. And you should know that the pupil that looks like a black dot in the center of the eye controls our vision. Also, the colored part of the eye is called the Iris and it controls the light that enters the eye. In order to see at night, the pupil expands to a larger circle and to see better in a brightly lit situation the pupil constricts. So that's how we can see at night once the eyes adjust. But there is nothing to do with the color of your eyes, even your eyes is blue.
  • Hunter jackson


    I have to tell you the difference between eyes is only the color, nothing more.Everything else was all make up by people who wants to fool others. You must know that the eye color is a sign of the race, and it's a generic factor. And it's from the ancestors, most importantly, eyes are all the same except the color.

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