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Miranda clark


Can stress cause sudden blurred vision?

Is it possible to get sudden blurred vision because due to stress? Why?
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  • b0wfing3r


    Generally speaking, the stress can cause the sudden blurred vision, and many guys want to clear it, but I want to tell you that stress is one of the main reasons for the blurred vision. As we all know that stress can cause the extension of your neck and shoulder muscle, also the stress can also cause the extension of your eyes, which will reduce the automatic eye movement and interfere with your ability to focus on. At the same time, when you are filled with stress, you will feel that you blood sugar are increasing and then you will also experience the blurred vision. Due to the two reasons mentioned above, it is likely for you to have the sudden blurred vision. Of course, you should try to clear the stress, if not, the blurred vision will interfere with your work, study and life. LOL, there is a fantastic way for you to clear your stress just relax yourself, when you feel relaxed, the blurred vision will disappear also.
  • Jade scott


    Yes, it is possible for you to get a sudden blurred vision because of the stress. As we know, when we have the stress, we will have the inhibitory action in the nerves of the body. The sudden blurred vision can be caused by the sudden raise of the blood pressure. It is better to keep the calm mood which will help you keep healthy in the whole body.
  • Dan Samberg


    The answer is a definite yes, and I have the experience before. Once when I 'm dash to my teachers' office because of the deadline of handing in thesis was approach, I suddenly feel the vision got blurred, and I almost fell to the ground. Then I ask a doctor for help, she does the check-up for me, but nothing wrong with my body. Then she came out with a conclusion, I was so stressed, then the blood pressure was not sufficient to support my dashing, then my nerve shot down temporarily .So I suppose that you may have the same situation, I suggest you to take sometime to relax, that would be helpful.