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What is the difference between hazel eyes and brown eyes?

Some people refer hazel eyes, but some people are fond of brown eyes. Why? What is the difference between hazel eyes and brown eyes?
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  • walkietalkie131


    What color your eye seems is desided by the pigment you have in your eyes. Hazel eyes have flecks of green, gold in them,while brown eyes are just brown with no other colors in them, also hazel eyes kinda change colors sometimes depending on what shade you're wearing
  • cabanaboy01


    Yes, you are to the point. Indeed, different people have various preferences. Personally, I love brown eyes for they are mysterious and charming. Since different people show different value of arts. However, to be honest, there are no real differences despite the color. You should know that it is the genes that give rise to difference colored eyes. We simply could not change the fact.
  • cookie127


    It is the color that makes the difference between the hazel eyes and brown eyes. It is the eye genes that make the difference. However, different color has different charm. It is your own favor and hobby to love some color. You could also use the colored contact lenses to make you look attractive.

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