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What color clothes go good with hazel eyes?

I have hazel eyes. Can you give me any suggestion about what color of clothes can match me?
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  • J Bell


    Hazel eyes, where it main colour is green but has some blue and brown specks on them, are especially beautiful and charming. They look like medium golden green colour. In my opinion, there are many color of clothes can match you. According to different seasons, the color of clothes can be varied. In spring, pale yellow, lime green and white is possible for you. In summer, the color of clothes such as pillar box red, orange, bright greens and yellow match you perfectly. In autumn, the color of clothes like ochre, moss green, and mustard are appropriate. Besides, all kinds of earthy colours are suited to hazel eyes. In winter, the color of clothes just like pale purple, navy, black and any blue can match you. Of course, what color of clothes match you depends on yourself. As long as you think it's ok!
  • Robert Johnson


    You could choose the color of dark series of clothes to match with your hazel eyes. You could choose the black color of coats to match with it which will be so cool. At the same time, you could do the make-up by using the eye shadows to make the whole look at the face seem gorgeous.
  • Matthew baker


    Well, it seems that you have a pair of hazel eyes, as far as I am concerned, I like hazel eyes quite a lot because they are modestly beautiful to me. So, as to your question, I feel that some light colors go well with your hazel eyes, such as brown, grey, white, yellow, or a mixture of these colors anyway. However, it makes more sense if your personal taste and preferences are taken into account. Why not try them on yourself?