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What to do if i sprayed cologne in my eyes?

I carelessly spray a bit cologne in my eyes. What should i do now? Any suggestion?
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  • walkercounty


    Well, as you can see, cologne is one of the perfumes that is suitable for men, which could make you attractive. However, as it is made up chemicals, it could inevitable damage your eyes and cause great pains. So, for the time being, you gotta wash your eyes thoroughly with salty water, then try to get some antibiotic eye drops to use. Also, try not to rub your eyes because that would generate more infections.
  • J Bell


    The cologne in the eyes will make you feel uncomfortable. Your eye nerves will be stimulated. Your eyes vision may be affected too. Thus, you'd better wash the eyes with clean water and clean cloth. You could then use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable. You should keep notice that not spraying the cologne in the eyes again.
  • warren


    Firstly, you should be calm down. There are some chemical compositions in the cologne. If you get a bit cologne in your eyes, you need to immediately flush eyes with cool water, then keep your eyes closed for 30 minutes. If your eye doesn't feel better or redness and irritation increases, you should go to see your doctor.
  • emi47678


    Depends on the distance from the eye, the pressure in the can and any contaminants in the can.If very powerful, fully loaded and close up, one might do significant damage. A single casual blast of canned air perhaps might do no harm and be of no consequence. I would caution to avoid this activity or risk. So, you need to rinse your eyes to dilute it for about 15-20 minutes until you feel a bit comfortable. Repeated it for several times and you will be Ok. If there are red or blurring vision or any other pain, you need to consult your eye doctor.

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