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Gregory A Meetze


How long does blurry vision last after dilation

I got dilated pupils and blurry vision. How long will the blurry vision last? Any suggestion?
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  • Carlos quick


    The symptom of your dilated pupils and blurry vision belongs to the premature senility which is related with the hygiene problems or scientific use of eyes. The blurry vision may be last until the disappearance of the dilated pupils. You'd better go to see the doctor and have the full check on the eyes. Then you'd better have the good rest for the eyes and accept the treatment to cure it.
  • Calvin


    Well, after dilation, you will be asked by the doctor to use some eye drops for some time, and you have to continue using them until you feel better. And the blurry vision would last about 3 to 7 days, based on your physical conditions. If the problem does not go away, perhaps you should see a doctor. Just follow the doctor's directions and take an eye exam.
  • edward


    Dilated pupils means that eye dilation, which causes the pupil to stay wide open for a number of hours. The individual got dilated pupils may suffer sensitivity to light and blurry vision. But what cause eye dilation indeed? Well, they are light, drags, mydriaticsand posion. Blurry vision will disappear in a few minutes after dilation. That because the dilation drops you use will take effect after several minutes. But you'd better aask a doctor for help at once when you suffer eye dilation. Eyes are the most important parts in our bodies. is a great site that can help ypu know more about eye dilation and blurry vision.

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