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Noah rupert


How long does blurred vision last with iritis?

I got blurred vision because of iritis? How long will it last?
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  • evilbunny1369


    Iris inflammation is one of the serious eye diseases. Sometimes behind the iris ciliary body it will be the iris inflammation, with the inflammation of tiny white cells and intraocular small blood vessels which leak out too much protein. It floats in the iris and between the corneal in aqueous humor outflow. If the floating cell is too much, they will attack the back of the cornea. In the precipitation in aqueous humor by iris inflammation of unknown cause, one eye or eyes may be affected by the iris inflammation. The early symptoms of the iritis are red eyes which will make you feel discomfort or pain. Your eyes vision will be affect too. You'd better treat it as soon as possible. Then your eyes could get well at the vision. Usually the treatment time should be about a week. Then you will see things clearly if you treat it in the normal way.
  • Steve


    Well, a lot of people would get the same problem with you, and they are quite puzzled. So, it depends on different factors including your specific situation and the first time of your treatment, in a word, you should thoroughly cure your iritis lest it would recur soon. If you get the right treatment, maybe one month would be enough for you to recover.
  • gerard


    Acute iritis and chronic iritis are two main types of iritis. If you provide a medical treatment for acute iritis, it will be fine quickly in two weeks. While chronic iritis may last several months, even one year. Blurry vision or cloudy vision is symptoms of iritis. It will last a few days if you take none measures to heal iritis. Iritis may also cause eye pain and sensitivity to light. You cannot rub and scratch your eyes, or you may get further infection on them.