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James green


Can acid reflux cause red eyes?

People say that acid reflux can give rise to red eyes, is that true? Will acid reflux be very bad for your eyes?
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  • Marissa george


    That depends on different circumstances. Acid reflux can be divided into three types according to the diferent factors: generally, pathological and physiological. We will talk about the second one ( the other two will not affect eyes). Gastric acid can kill the bacterials in food to build a healthy environment in our intestinal tract, however , when it is overproduced, which may cause canker in your stomach and intestinal tract(pathological acid reflux),so that some virus like the type 70 can invade in your digest organs. And red eyes commonly happened in spring is usually caused by the virus like I said above. So it seems that our eyes' health is somewhat linked to our digest system( that is to say that illness comes from mouth). The redundant gastric acid does not have direct influence on our eyes, whether it can be regarded as a sign of eye problem should be confirmed by further diagnose. However when it is in spring( when it is the peak season of digest problems), you'd better be aware of possibility of red eyes or other eye problems. Hope that will help.
  • Jade scott


    Generally, a condition that the stomach contents (food or liquid) relocate into the esophagus referring to the tube from the stomach to the mouth is called acid reflux. When such things leaking backwards from the stomach can irritate the esophagus and cause heartburn, or other symptoms like nausea. Often, apart from a strong metallic taste, those suffering acid reflux will be awaken with watery, red and irritated eyes due to the serious dehydration in the whole body and partialy esophageal sphincter function loss. As a result, your eyes will become desperately dry. As we all know, dry eyes can lead to a terrible eye condition and give rise to various eye diseases.