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Can you be born with astigmatism?

My daughter is six months old and the doctor told me that she kind of has astigmatism. I am so worried, but I really don' t know why she gets this. Can people be born with astigmatism?
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  • Elijah


    Yea, people can be born with astigmatism. But take it easy, an English scientist once discovered that the amount of babies ranging from one month old to eight months old who have astigmatism account for 70 percent, as oppose to mere 8 percent in the adults. But strangely enough, when babies diagnosed with astigmatism are about 18 months old, their eyesight become normal automately. Causes of astigmatism may include watching TV frequently, sleeping with lights on, staring the computer screen and rubbing the eyes. If you are used to doing the first three things, you should make sure your baby is not around. Limit the time your baby spends in watching TV because babies are always easily attracted by the picture on TV. And do not let your baby rub her eyes. You can take your baby to do an eye examination when she is three.
  • Cassy


    Yes, people could be born with astigmatism because of the genetic genes. You should treat your daughter's astigmatism by the eyeglasses at first. Then when she grows older, she could take the surgery to cure the astigmatism. It is safe and effective now to take the surgery. You could take it into consideration. You need to protect the eyes health for your daughter.

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