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Benson Dubois


How can dry eye cause cicatricial entropion?

I am told that cicatricial entropion can be caused by dry eyes, how does that happen? What measures should be taken to prevent this from happening?
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  • Mackenzie rose


    Yes, cicatrical entropion can be caused by dry eyes which may cause the eye infection because of the coming invisible bacterium. The cicatrical entropion can be caused by the palpebral conjunctiva and meibomian cicatricial contraction. It is common in trachoma cicatricial contracture which can also occur in the conjunctiva. Eyelid margin within the volume and trichiasis stimulate cornea can cause corneal ulcer and corneal opacity. The eyelid margin is in normal position, clearly curl in the direction of the eye, eyelash to eyeball. Then it may stimulate the corneal and conjunctival. Patients have symptoms such as photophobia tears sting blepharospasm checks visible meibomian especially eyelid rims curly trichiasis friction in the direction of eye cornea. The corneal epithelium can fall off. The fluorescein diffuses dye such as secondary infection which can develop into corneal ulcers. The cornea may have new blood vessels. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to take notice of the hygiene problems.
  • Robert Potter


    Eyelid turns out from scarring, so called cicatricial entropion, pulling of the lower or upper eyelid away from the eye due to a lack of the eyelid' anterior lamella or the scar formation. The skin of the eyelashes and the eyelid can rub against the cornea and conjunctiva. As a result, it causes crusting of the eyelid, excessive tearing, a feeling that something is in the eye, mucous discharge and irritation of the cornea, as well as impaired vision. In common, initial treatments refer to frequent use of ophthalmic lubricating drops and ointments. Besides, digital massages should be applied frequently to relax the scar and then, stretch the skin. Next, you need to consult with your doctor for early surgical management if you need a surgery.