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Brittany dale


Why do my eyes feel tired after crying?

Is it normal that my eyes usually feel tired after crying? My friend said that I might get an eye infection.
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  • Sue Livingston


    Well, excessive crying is harmful to our eyes. As we know, proper crying is good for our healty. It is a method to release our mood but also moisten our eyes. However crying a lot will break balance of your body. Since our body will loss much water and salinty because of crying, and you may not have enough time to add. So you will feel tired. And after crying you may rub your eyes, so your eyes are easily get infected.
  • Angela green


    Yes, it is normal for your eyes to feel tired after crying because of the overwork of the gland system. After crying, your eyes may feel dry easily which may cause the eye infection. Your eyes may feel itchy. You should not cry a lot. After crying, you should use the clean cloth and hot water to do the warm compress to make your eyes get comfortable and moisture.