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Michael anderson


What is good for dark circles under eyes?

Do you guys know what is good for your dark circles? I wish to use some natural remedies to cure my dark circles.
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  • eeelisa814


    To get rid of dark circles, you need to make sure that you get plenty of high-quality sleep, 7 to 9 hours per night is good. Eat a healthy, balanced diet every day. Eat foods rich of vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E, such as cabbage, pumpkins, leeks, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, eggplants, cauliflowers, oranges, apples and kiwi fruits. Drink plenty of plain drinking water, about fifteen glasses every day. Reduce the salt intake and get rid of smoking if you are used to doing so and control the consumption of alcohol. Grate cucumber in a food processor and squeeze the juice out, and then dip two clean cotton balls in it and apply them to the dark circles for 15 minutes. Of course, you can replace the cucumber with potato or blended lemon juice, orange lentil flour, puree of tomato and turmeric paste. Apply the cold tea bags on the affected eyes is also an effective way. Massage can also help getting rid of dark circles. Wish you better soon.
  • walker67


    People who tend to stay up late, crying often, using computer ofter and lack of eyes maintenance are more likely to have dark cycles. So, to prevent from developing dark cycles, you can try the following steps. First, the most important is to keep enough sleep. Since in most cases, lack of sleep is the most common causes. Second, change unhealth dietary habit, like smoking, drinking. Eat more vegetables. Third, use warm compress. By doing this, it can help blood cycle. Fourth, remove makeup thoroughly. If you are 20, you can start use eye gel. However, it must not be so fat, otherwise you may catch fat granule.

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