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How to make eyes look less close together?

I want to make my eyes look less close together. Any tips?
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  • Sara scott


    I think make-up is the best way for you to get your eyes less close together. First, you can draw shorter eyeliner which covers the inner the corner of your eyes. Second, apply a concealer shade which is lighter than your skin at your eyelids. Doing this will make your eyes are bigger. Third, use gray shadow in the area of your nose side. As long as you make the inside conrners of your eyes lighter compared with the darker outer edges, it will make your eyes look less close together.
  • Gillian


    In my opinion, you could choose a type of eyeglasses, especially the big frame one which will help you look closer at the two eyes' distance. This is very helpful. You could also make up to make them look not far apart. Or you could do the surgery to make the eyes look bigger. Then the between distance is closer from the visual side.
  • Derek T.


    Well, it seems that you are not quite content with the layout of your face. So, it would not be wise for you to take a cosmetic surgery because that would generate a series of side effects on your face. So, as far as I know, the natural way to do this is to leave a short bob which would achieve the desired effect, meantime, try to wear a pair of geek glasses. Hope you find my tips helpful.

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