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Can i wear contacts after laser eye surgery?

Is it OK if i wear contact lenses after laser eye surgery? Will it harm eyes?
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  • Sybil


    Well, actually, I don't know the purpose of the lasik eye surgery you have taken, so if you took the surgery in order to regain a better vision, then there is no need for to wear contact lenses because your vision is improved. Anyway, after lasik surgery, your eyes still need some time to recover and could not bear so much harm caused by contacts, therefore, I suggest that you do not wear them.
  • ctc_youth


    No, it is not ok for you to wear the contact lenses after laser eyes surgery which is often said as the quasi molecular laser surgery with reduce the pupil corneal curvature to get the purpose of correcting myopia by accurate molecular laser corneal flap based on the substrate layer phototropism cutting. It is really a safe and effective surgery to get the right vision to see things for you. There are a lot of short sighed people accepting such surgery. They will use this surgery to help them get the right vision. After the surgery, you need to protect the eyes carefully. You should keep the good habit of hygiene and keep the good diet to add the necessary nutrition, like the carrots which will be good for the eyes. You could also not wear the contact lenses before the complete recovery because of the dryness of the eyes which will affect the recovery.
  • Austin gerard


    Of course, you are not supposed to wear contact lenses, after you have taken the surgery. And generally speaking, you can have contact lenses after two weeks. As we know that contact lenses, which are made from plastics, are applied directly into your eye ball. In that way, it can hurt your eyes, and at the same time, your eyes will be infected easily. And that can be harmful for your eyes. Anyway, just wear glasses for some days. That can be good for your eyes.

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