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Danielle lewis


Can anemia cause eye problems ?

I was diagnosed mild anemia. I wonder will it harm to my eyes? Can anemia cause eye problems? Why or why not?
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  • Kyle owen


    Yes, anemia will do harm to your eyes because anemia develops when your blood lacks hemoglobin, which is a main part of red blood cells and binds oxygen. In other words, it is caused by blood loss, decreased red blood cell production or destruction of red blood cells. It is known to us that loss of blood or lack of blood can cause problems to our body because it is blood circulation that keeps all the parts of body working. If you are diagnosed with iron deficiency anemia, you can change the condition through adjusting your diets. You need to balance your diets and eat liver, yolk, cereal and other foods rich in iron. Also, many vegetables contain much iron, such as black fungus, hair weeds, shepherd's purse, laver, etc. In addition, vitamin C helps the assimilation of the iron and the production of the hemoglobin, so you should take in sufficient vitamin C.
  • Ariana


    Well, yes, anemia can be harmful for your eyes. Generally speaking, from some doctors' description, anemia is a common blood disorder. We can say that when your body can not produce enough red blood cells, it will result in anemia. And it can affect your eyes, leading to some eye problems, such as itchy eyes, eye bags. By the way, it can lead to dark circles under your eyes too. So you should take some measures to treat it.
  • handsome_fuck


    Yes, the anemia will not only affect your whole body health but also affect your eye vision because of the bad constitution. However, the anemia will cause the eye problems, like the redness, swelling eyes and so on. Since you have the anemia, your blood circulation will not work fluently as the normal constitution. You could get the dizzy head sometimes. However, the head nerves and eye nerves are interlinked which will affect the eyes part too. Your eyes may get dry because of the lost of nutrition in your body. You could also get the black circles under the eyes because of the bad blood circulation. You may also get the swelling eyes because of the eye nerves' stimulation. In a word, you should take care of the anemia by taking more nutritious food to make your body healthy. Then your eye problems will be avoided.