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Can I exercise with pink eye?

I got pink eyes. Is it OK if i do some exercises? Any idea?
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  • ecxsrkes


    The answer is NO. We all know that pink eye is the sclera appears red or pink, and your eyes may also feel watery, burning or itchy. There are many reasons causes pink eye, such as viral conjunctivitis, which will clear up on its own without medicine. And bacterial conjunctivitis, which may cause serious damage and need an emergency treatment, and so on. In our daily life, it can easily get pink eye, but we can do the following to prevent: 1. Do not share personal items, such as hand towels. 2. Wash your hands frequently to prevent pink eye from spreading. 3. Wear swim goggles when you’re swimming, 4. Remove your contact lenses before you have a shower. There are my suggestions for reduce the risk of getting pink eye, and hope everybody keep away from pink eye.
  • Austin gerard


    Nope, you had better not do that, especially group exercise. Pink eye is a common eye problem, but it is also contagious. It is mainly caused by bacteria and virus to cause inflammation of eyes. When you go outside to do exercise with other people, there is a highly possibility that you would pass pink eye to others by hand touching. On the other side, your pink eye would become worse when you rubbing or touching your eyes with unclean hands during the exercise. Hence, you should take a rest inside, and frequently wash your hands, not to touch your eyes as well. Pink eye would be cured within one to two weeks.
  • Jocelyn griffin


    Well, it seems that you are very interested in sports and keeping yourself in good conditions. As far as I know, pink eyes would simply not impede taking regular exercise, actually, by taking exercise, you are likely to tackle pink eyes and some other diseases. However, you gotta be careful not to harm your eyes again, and it you are very serious, you should get some rest and treatment in time.

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