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Do eyelashes thin with age?

Will eyelashes thin with age? Is there anyway to stop it?
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  • copyofme


    Time passes by, we'll find we grow older and older day by day. All of our body organs also will become older as well as eyelashes. That is, our eyelashes will fall out along with our ages. When we are kids, part of organs are still in developing, just like these organs that eyelashes have a growth time, and then they become thick and black. Finally, they will be thin because of ages, exactly metabolism is worse day by day. As we all known, our cells can produce melanin which leads to our skin and hair and eyelashes look black. But with time flies, we become strain and fatigue which give a sigh of our metabolism are weaker and weaker. What surprised me is eyelashes will not fall out entirely. By the way, we should have a proper attitude toward ages and body changing.
  • Judy


    Yes, age can cause the thinning of the eyelashes. In fact, it is the same as your hair failing with age. Even if you if you boasted a thick fringe in your younger years, as your natural hair begins to thin as you age. Also, your eyelashes will go like your hair. But the good news is that you can use false lashes and cosmetics to disguise your thin eyelashes.
  • walker


    As we grow older and finally become an old person, our body, including our hair, would become thinner and much more less than before. that is simply a matter of nature and you don't have to worry about it. Because our metabolism would be weaker in our declining years, and we should just take it easy and pay attention to our health. Exercise and good diet could make aging slower than other people.

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