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DEREK Garrana


Are babies born with eyelashes?

I never seen new born babies. I just wonder if baby born with eyelashes? Or grow eyelashes latter?
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  • Nicholas carter


    It's true that babies birth with eyelashes. Some of them have black thick eyelashes, while others are thin and light black. It all depends on development in mothers tummies. But I'm sure that all babies have eyelashes. An eyelash or simply lash is one of the hairs that grow at the edge of the eyelid. Many mothers want to make her kid owns thick and black eyelashes, and then they use ginger to wash kid eyelid and cut them frequently. Everyone wants have thick, long and black eyelashes which is much charming and make eyes much bigger than others. We often describe a beautiful girl or baby as she has two twinkle eyes, a small mouth that could voice out sweet words and has curly hair and long eyelashes. So cute. Recently, my sister just gave birth and my little niece owns twinkle eyes and thick eyelashes.
  • Arianna walker


    Lolo..., it is really a intersting question. Of course, babies are born eith eyelases. I have a younger brother. I noticed that he was born with eyelases. And his eyelashes are longger than me. It looks so nice. But it seems that new babies are not born with hair. Their hair will grow latter after they born. Maybe this is way most of new babaies need wear a hat.
  • Michelle percy


    As to most babies, they would have some eyelashes which are very very short that they would be almost invisible. But with their growth, their eyelashes would become black and longer. However, some other children might not have eyelashes in the first place, but that problem would be solved before long.
  • equine_world


    Yes, why not? Babies are born with hair and eyelashes. But in most cases, babies's hair and eyelashes are not very strong and thick. Normally, parents will shave the foetal hair so that babies could grow stronger hair out. Some parents believe that cutting short babies's eyelashes so that their eyelashes could grow stronger and longer. Actually, vitamins can help hair grow. Sufficient vitamins could ensure the growth of strong and thick hair.