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Do eyelashes turn grey?

Is it possible to make eyelashes turn red naturally? Is it bad to eyes? Why?
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  • Shelby rodney


    With time flies, eyelashes will fall out and color will become fade, just like the road of life is going to end. As we all known, our cells can produce melanin which leads to our skin and hair and eyelashes look black. During our growth, the cells also are growing. Then they are strong enough to give us a healthy body. We all feel great and young in our thirties. But after that, we begin to feel strain and fatigue and some spottings occur on our skin that means ages has already passed as well as cells produce ability. At that time, cells cannot own developed normally. Our metabolism are weaker and weaker. The pigments are lighter day by day. Then black is easily to be taken place of other color, especially gray. The right process is black becomes gray, gray becomes white. Finally, we can see white eyelashes on old people eyes. However, they still exists until our life end up.
  • b3st_deceptions


    It's quite normal for the old, but it's rare while in the young days. Eyelashes, which is is part of the hair of human body, get their color from the pigmentation which is called melanin. They are existing in our hair follicles. When melanin in hair follicle is depleted, the eyelashes will turn grey to some extents. There are many different reasons give rise to this result, including the result from natural, medical impact or genetic disorder. Aging is the leading and most common cause of grey hair. For people who are over 40, they begin to grow lighter colored hair and gradually grey finally. But it takes longer for eyelashes to lose its color, so grey eyelashes are not very common appearance for people except over 70. Thus, if you have this symptom, you may suffer some disease, such as extreme mineral substance deficiency, or other wired problems. In consideration of your health, you'd better see a doctor as soon as possible.