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Does pink eye make you tired?

I know that it is painful to get pink eyes. But i just want to know if pink eyes make your eyes easy to get tired?
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  • chrisss_129


    As we all known, pink eye also called conjunctivitis. The most commonly reason for pink eye is infection, exactly bacteria and virtues cause eye infection. Pink eye is so common that you can be fine in 4-7 days without any medical treatment. However, the one who suffers pink eye also needs to take good care of them. That because pink eye always companies tired, eye irritation and dry eyes. The most prominent symptom is redness in eyes. When you get pink eye, the first and best thing you must do is to stay at home and keep good mood. Pink eye can spread person to person and they are also easy to be get further infection in the open door. The bacteria and virtues exists everywhere, especially in public. And they also transmit from air. Here some home remedies to help with pink eyes. Apply warm washcloth to clean the corner of eyes. No matter how irritation your eyes are, don't rub your eyes any more, or redness and unwell will be much worse. Drop some basic eye drops to keep fro dry eyes.
  • Melanie


    No, pink eyes is a symptom that your eyes red. It usually caused by bacterial infection or allergies. People suffer pink eyes may also suffer watery eyes, increasing eye discharge, and even eye pain. But it won't make you sleepy and cause tiredness. If you feel tired when you suffer pink eyes, just visit a doctor and get an eye exam to check what's wrong with your eyes.
  • Audrey


    Ok, it seems that you are not very familiar with pink eyes, which is one of the most commonly seen eye problems that we have. And pink eyes could generate a lot of consequences, such as watery eyes, itchy eyes, dry eyes, even some other infections. But, it would simply not lead to fatigue, so you don't have to worry about it. Just try to pay more attention to your eye health and if you get pink eyes, just try to fix it before it is too late.
  • easilyfixed


    Pink eye is the inflammation of conjunctivitis, which is the transparent protective covering on eyeballs and inside of eyelids. The infllamation would give patients red and watery eyes, strong foreign body sensation, blurry vision and pain in eyes. So I think it is very possible for patients to feel tired if they still work with pink eyes. Because it makes them very uncomfortable and it requires more focusing power due to the blurry vision. I think you should have more rest because pink eye is very sensative to light. Apply some warm compress to sooth your eyes and help recovery.