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Joshua arnold


Is it possible to have black eyes naturally?

I think black eyes looks beautiful. How can i get black eyes naturally? Any idea?
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    There is no any possible to have black eyes naturally. Black eyes often caused by eye or face injury. Someone who suffer black eyes is really unlucky. First, you must feel hurt and burning in eyes. Second, black eyes means bleeding beneath the skin and around the eye. The name is given due to the color of bruising. It is so prominent and gives a bad impression on people. Black eyes are terrible eye problems which are related with double vision, loss of consciousness, inability to move the eye or large swelling around the eye and blood on the surface of the eye itself or cuts on the eye itself. The best way to reduce black eyes is apply icy compress to keep down swelling and reduce internal bleeding by constricting the capillaries. In addition, some medicines and eye drops can help with eye pain and eye irritation which caused by black eyes. Best wishes for you.
  • John Hendry


    Generally speaking, it's impossible to have black eyes naturally in reality. Because you should know that the color of our eyes is decided by the genes type, which is settled before we came to the world. There are absolutely no natural ways to change the color of your eyes. However, if you really want to have a black eyes, you might as well use colored contact lenses, which could be found on websites such as Walmart, Firmoo and so on. Hope these ideas can be helped.
  • Christina


    Normally speaking, black eye won't occur naturally. It is always due to injuries to eyes, face or head. It happens because of blood and fluid collected under skin around eyes, swelling and discoloration are resulted, so it is called black eye. Like a bruise, the black eye will heal up within a few days. You can apply some icy compress on eyes to reduce bleeding under skin right after the injury. After two or three days, warm pad is to promote blood circulation and reduce glare and bruising. A little gentle massage works perfect too.

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