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Where are knockaround sunglasses made?

Does anyone know in what country are manufactured? Do you think knockaround sunglasses are good to buy?
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  • Jon Albert


    They are made in Taiwan...fact. You can see the import info at the port of San Diego...
  • chrissyonline


    As far as I am concerned, Knockaround is a sunglasses company based in San Diego, California specializing in classically styled frames in many colors at an affordable price. Generally speaking, they have got a wide range of products, of course, their sunglasses are also of great quality and have earned great reputation. You can easily find them at some large shopping malls or just go to some online business websites such as Amazon.
  • Larry S


    Knockaround is a young company who is founded in 2005 by Adam Moyer. I see it online that said that the headquarter of the company is a small art studio in Moyer, but it moved to a warehouse south of san diego latter. From this information, we can guess that knockaround sunglasses are made in south of San Diego.
  • Arianna


    The knockaround sunglasses are made in USA. They are good at both the design and the quality. It is so fashionable at the design which will be looked so cool. And it is also so good at the quality which is so durable that can be well after several times of falling down. It is worthy to own one.