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Diane Rhone


What harm would the glare cause to eyes without anti-glare coating?

Currently I can't afford glasses with anti-glare coating,but I want to know what harm would the glare cause to eyes without anti-glare coating?Can I get blind?
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  • Kyle kirk


    Some evidence show that glare caused by computer or sunlight would increased risk of myopic (nearsighted) or even Glaucoma. Anti-reflective coating can not only reduce the reflection of glare but also imporve appearance of your eyeglasses. Learn more at
  • crazyforluke


    If you wear glasses without anti-glare coating, there would be less light passing through the lens and more light being bounced off the glasses lens. So you can't see images better which will appear sharper and clearer with anti-glare coating. Therefore glasses without anti-glare won't make you blind, you just won't see images clearly especially for night driving.
  • Nat


    I think it is just a marketing method. I have never wear sunglasses or anti-glare glasses,but my eyes are still fine.Your eyes won't get harmed without the anti-glare coating.