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Should I get anti-glare glasses?

I have to sit in front of the computer most of the day,and recently my eyes feel more tired than before.I am wondering if I should get anti-glare glasses.Would it really help?
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  • Justin williams


    Anti-reflective coating (also called AR coating or anti-glare coating) improves both your vision through your lenses and the appearance of your eyeglasses. Both benefits are due to AR coating's ability to eliminate reflections of light from the front and back surface of eyeglass lenses.By eliminating reflections, AR coating also makes your eyeglass lenses look nearly invisible so people can see your eyes and facial expressions more clearly. Anti-reflective glasses also are more attractive, so you can look your best in all lighting conditions. AR coating is especially beneficial when used on high-index lenses, which reflect more light than regular plastic lenses. Generally, the higher the index of refraction of the lens material, the more light that will be reflected from the surface of the lenses. Source:
  • Mariah shelley


    To relieve your eye strain, pair of computer glasses can meet your needs. You can also keep your eyes away from your computer screen regualrly and let your eyes relax, then it will reduce your eye strain. If you want to get anti-glare glasses, you can talk to your doctor and take your doctor's advice.

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