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Where can I get an anti-glare coating for my glasses?

I am tired of the eyestrain being on the computer ,but I don't want to pay a new lens.Could I just get an anti-glare coating for my glasses?If so,where can I do it?
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  • maria calderin


    Of course, you can. You can take the glasses to the store where you bought your present pair, and ask the workers to add the anti-glases coatings on your present pair.
  • Shirley


    You can take your glasses to the optical store where you bought your glasses before and they are willing to add a anti-glare coating on your lenses. You can go to other optical stores, too. But you may be charged more for the anti-glare coating only.
  • Jordyn


    Yes you can.Take your glasses to nearby optical store and ask them to add the coating for you.But it may cost more to have the coating only.