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How to make my eyes look like i were crying?

How to make my eyes look like i were crying? Please give me some suggestions. Thanks
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  • Erin


    Really, I do not understand why you want to make you look like you have cried. Nevertheless, I have some ways to help you to realize your dream. That is to say, you can use some mascara on your eyelashes, later you can just rub your eyes a little, then your eyes will be filled with water and you will look like you have cried. Besides, you can just make it by yourself; without any help from others—just do not blink your eyes for long time, and then your eyes will be filled with water automatically. Oh, I just remember that there is another useful ways because I have tried to cheat my mother. :) You can go to your bathroom and turn on the hot water and close the door, and then pls see the water condense on the walls of the house. As a matter of the fact, the humid temperature and the corresponding condensation may help you to look like you have cried. Hope my suggestion can help you make it.
  • lampo


    If you want to make your eyes look like you are crying , there are several ways you can try. When you do some cooking, you may find that chop the onions and smell the smell can make you full of tears. And also, you can stare at one thing for a long time, do not blink, your eyes will automatically full of water. However, the simplest way is to put eyedrops in your eyes, then you will look like you are crying.
  • John Rodriguez


    Personally, I think you can use some makeup. You can get some methylated chapstick or chest rub. This petroleum jelly-textured substance is sold at drugstores, and is commonly used by people with colds to help open the sinuses and nostrils. You can put some of the rub on a tissue well before you plan to fake cry. Place it in a plastic baggie and put it in your pocket or purse so that it's accessible when the moment arrives. Rub a dab under each eye. Keep the tissue near your eyes until they begin producing tears. It may take 30 seconds or so. In the meantime, make crying noises.
  • Patricia


    It seems that you want sympathy from other people . So, maybe you do not want pains and agony. Alright, here is an idea, there are some places on the Internet selling some special effect contact lenses, maybe you can find some types to make you appear crying, however, it would take you some time to do so, they are quite rare. I recommend Ebay and Amazon to you, hope you dig out what you want.

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