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Why do i see stars in vision after coughing?

I see bright light like stars after i cough very hard. Why causes that? What does that mean?
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  • crazycowgirl89


    The bright stars in your eyes when you cough very hard, it is normal, and nothing serious. You have no need to worry about it. There have some different reasons for this kind of symptom. Hungry, fatigue and simulation of spirit will lead to this kind of symptom. The basically reason is the congestion of your brain's blood supplement. Then the retina in your eye ground has lack of blood circulation at a time. There have some nerve cells in your brain to delivery the visual signals. The messages which pass on by them will translated in some specific thing we know such as birds, tree etc. If the hard cough shakes your head and brain, these nerve cells tremble, and then misunderstand the message into tiny pieces such as star and light. When the cough is healed, the symptom will disappear. No worries!
  • evrydyisystrdy


    You may suffer from phosphene. Phosphenes are flashes of light or stars. But when it happens to people, it often associates with optic neuritis. When we are suffer from phosphene, we may see stars in our vision but actually there is not light entering our eyes. When you are coughing, there might be some magnetic, electrical, or mechanical stimulation of the visual cortex or retina. And it can be caused by random firing of cells in the visual system too. Usually we won't suffer from phosphene from a coughing in most times, but if there is someone who is suffering from phosphene, he or she may need to see a doctor immediately and treat with the coughing timely.
  • Elijah leslie


    I get these fairly often. I asked the eye doctor about it maybe a month ago, and he told me it was nothing to worry about unless there was a sudden increase in the frequency or severity of the floaters.Stars and sparkles from coughing hard are normal and caused by the change in ocular pressure. If your vision is otherwise unchanged, you're not noting an increase of floating artifacts in your vision then there is no need to worry. That sudden change might signal the beginnings of a detached retina or other problems, and should be attended to by a doctor ASAP.
  • Christopher dale


    If you cough too heavily, the magnetic fields will change. Some cells in the visual system will be stimulated when the magnetic fields change its place. And this may lead to transcranial magnetic stimulation. The transcranial magnetic stimulation will bring you stars in your vision. I think the patient must see a doctor to prevent from further damages bought by coughing.
  • Isabel fergus


    The "stars" you may be visualizing may be due to increased pressure on your retina due to straining from coughing. The pressure in the retina's veins elevates as the coughing transmits pressure up from the chest, but generally, this is only from very severe bouts. Similar episodes may occur with straining during bowel movements. You may want to see an ophthalmologist to ensure you don't have a degenerative condition of the retina called lattice degeneration. I'm not an expert in this area. An ophthalmologist will dilate your pupil (with eyedrops) and look into the eye to examine it. It doesn't hurt and is recommended if you have the symptoms you describe regularly.
  • Tracy


    It is a normal for people who cough hard see stars and sparks etc. This is because the ocular pressure will change because of the hard cough. If this not change your vision, you needn't worry about it because it won't crease of floating artifacts in your vision. It would be recover only if you recovery from cough. So, you still need to pay attention to cure your cough.
  • Mya harris


    I think seeing stars can be one of the most commonly complained problems. When I sit down on the ground for a long time and then stand up suddenly, I will see stars in my vision. When I rub my eyes heavily, I will see spots and flashes of light suddenly. But they will disappear quickly. When the pressure that pressed on our eyes is translated into various patterns by optic nerves, we can see stars.
  • crazyasswhatnow


    There are nerve cells which are only used to send visual signs to our brains. These cells can translate messages into vision to our brain However, when our brain is beat badly, these cells will tremble too. In that case, these cells will translate the message in the wrong way, so our brain will see stars. This is normal situation. Because you cough very badly like a thump in your brain, it is easy for that happening. When you see stars in vision after coughing, you can put a pear around you. When you cough badly, you can have the pear and have cough medicine. As cough disappears, seeing starts in vision after coughing disappears as well.
  • Lex


    Your hard cough causes the vibration in the eye nerves which affect the blurry vision. Because the throat, nose and eye nerves are interlinked, it may cause such symptom. This symptom is in temporary. You don't have to worry. Just take a big breathe, you will get release from it.
  • debra


    why do i see stars after i cough hard