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Can lack of sleep cause watery eyes?

My eyes start watering this morning. I went to bed very late. Does lack of sleep cause my eyes to water?
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  • lampo


    Poor sleep can lead to watery eyes and visual fatigue. Due to lack of rest, the skin of the lower eyelid became loose and it has no enough strength to oppress the dacryocyst. Therefore, tears cannot be transported into the nasal cavity normally. Lack of sleep, mental stress and other physiological reasons may result in watery eyes and eye fatigue. To ease the watery eyes, you can close your eyes and do some eye exercises. Or you can foment your eyes with a towel soaked with hot water after the hot water is squeezed. Just get some good sleep and make sure your sleeping time is enough. After a period of adjustment, I believe your situation will improve. If the symptom persists unfortunately, consult your eye doctor in case there are other diseases that may affect your eyes.
  • crusanov


    Yes. it is possible to cause watery eyes because of lacking sleep. In most of cases, we know that yawning or headache is a sign that our body begin to sleep. But we usually ignores that watering eyes is also a sign from our body - they want to sleep and relax. You know, Lack of sleep has serious consequences to our health such as headache, red eyes, tired eyes, watering eyes and other problems etc. So. take a good sleep every night to keep health life.
  • charlene1o2


    Yeah, lack of sleep may cause the eyes get watery. Because the eye nerve doesn't work in normal pace, it will cause the disorder of tear glands. In addition, lack of sleep may also cause the dark circles under the eyes. You'd better have a good and sweet sleep every day.
  • characterposter


    Yes, lacking of sleep cause your eyes to water. Because when you lack sleep, it will slow down the rate of your metabolism. When the rate of metabolism slows down, your body will easily gather more rubbish and water. So your eyes will begin watering. In addition, if you drink much water and eat something salty, your eyes may be watering as well. What you should do now is to go to bed as early as you can and drink less water before you go to sleep. Doing some massage for your eyes can help you reduce watering eyes. When you have enough sleep, water eyes will disappear too.