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Is it true that high cholesterol can affect eyesight?

I was diagnosed high cholesterol. My son said that high cholesterol has bad influence of eyesight. IS that true? Why?
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  • Kevin


    High cholesterol is characterized by the presence in the bloodstream of abnormally high total cholesterol .People who cannot reach the lowest levels of HDL are also at risk. And it's true that high cholestrol can cause not eyesight, but also other eye problems, such as eye bags and eye dry. That's because cholesterol lines the blood vessels in the eye which are the key to affecting eyesight. Meanwhile xanthomas are also bad for eyes. Xanthomas are fatty deposits beneath the skin that produce soft, yellowish bumps on the skin's surface. They often occur around eyes. is a hot site that offers much information about high cholesterol and eyesight and other eye problems.
  • Dylan fergus


    Yes, too high cholesterol has bad influence on the eye sights. Because of the strong blood plasma in the body, the eyes surrounding parts will also work in disorder in the eye blood circulation. Thus the eyes may get influence. You should firstly grasp the time to treat the high cholesterol which has several bad results for the body. The high cholesterol will accelerate the growth of prostate cancer speed which may lead to kidney failure and other kidney diseases. It will reduce the life of the people, especially men's life. At the same time, the blood vessel will be related with the risk of increasing stroke. In addition, it will block the heart artery and make it become narrow, which is more likely to cause the heart attack. It can make the high possibility of change in high osteoporosis. The too much cholesterol intake will lead to periodontal disease which will expand the tooth and tooth gap between the groove gap. Thus, you'd better go to the hospital to treat the high cholesterol.
  • Anna


    As we all know, high cholesterol, or hyperlipidemia and always can be diagnosed in the old people, is characterized by the presence in the bloodstream of abnormally high total cholesterol. If you want to know does the high cholesterol affect Tehran vision, I just can tell us the answer that the high cholesterol will cause the vision loss up to a certain degree. According to the experts in medical filed, if the high cholesterol lasts long time, the individual will experience a buildup of cholesterol in their vessels and arteries in the form of plaque. On one hand, the buildup of the cholesterol will cause the corneal arcus. Pls relax yourself, because a corneal arcus does not have a influence of your eye vision, and treatment is relatively easy: just typically focused on controlling cholesterol. On the other hand, because vascular disease of the eye is a concern in individuals with high cholesterol, we should pay more attention to it. About in 2008, the medical experts have done a survey and the result show that patient with high cholesterol levels always have an about 2.5-fold higher risk of retinal vein occlusion, and then the blockage of blood supply from the retina leads to vision loss. Consequently, I strongly suggest you ask you to see a doctor and good luck.