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Does preparation h get rid of dark circles under eyes?

I heard somebody said that preparation h can help to reduce dark circles under eyes. Is that true? How can i get rid of dark circles?
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  • ejg29


    Well, yes, Preparation-H can reduce the dark circles under your eyes. First, you should know that a live yeast cell derivative called Bio Dyne, and Bio Dyne, which is a vascular constrictor, are in all Preparation-H. So that temporarily shrinks dilated blood vessels, and, in turn, may reduce the appearance of dark eye circles as well. Also, Preparation-H is an over-the-counter ointment that has been used to alleviate hemorrhoid pain, itch and swelling. Anyway, you can just try it. Also, to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes, there are also some other ways you can have a try. For example, you can have some Moisturizers containing Vitamin E and K, so that it can lessen the appearance of dark circles. Beside, you can eat some black chocolate which are rich in Lutein and zeaxanthin, which can do a good job to your dark circles and the sight. Also, many kinds of oil, such as the black seed oil are very effective to your dark circles too. anyway, just have a try.
  • Bug


    Yes, it is. Since the mid-1930s, Preparation H has been used to alleviate hemorrhoid pain, itch and swelling. What's more, Hollywood stars and make-up artists have been using Preparation-H to reduce under-eye puffiness and dark under-eye circles for years. However, there are still many other ways can get rid of dark circles under eyes. For example, eye creams can help reduce the fat which gathered under your eyes with time flies. You also can have a visit to your doctor for antihistamines tablets may be all the remedy you need. By the way, taking Vitamin C does work on dark circles, too.
  • Mya harris


    Yes, preparation h gets rid of dark circle under eyes. In the mid-1930s, preparation h has gained the reputation of a Hollywood beauty secret. Preparation h contains the ingredient which includes phenylephrine. Phenylephrine is a vascular constrictor that can shrink dilated blood vessels and as a result in the reduction of the dark eye circles. People also can recline with a cool eye compress. They can use chilled cucumber slices or cold spoons on their eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. Doing this can shrink the dilated blood vessels and lead to the reduction of the dark eye circles.