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Andrew arnold


Why do eyeglass lenses get cloudy?

Even after cleaning them, there remains a 'halo' in each lens. It's this faint ring of,..I don't know what. Are they tiny scratches?
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  • 04/14/2012

    Maybe they are scratches because even you clean them, they still remain there. Maybe your lenses are too old. So you should replace them with new lenses.
  • Marissax


    Why glases ft cloudy
  • Carlos quick


    Actually the eyeglasses lenses easily get cloudy in the cold day or after the exercise because of the not owned anti-fog role. They are not tiny scratches if you clean them with the clean cloth again. However, you could use some easy ways to avoid the cloudy symptom by adopting the glycerol in every side of the lenses and then cleaning them with the clean cloth. There is another way for you to get rid of the cloudy symptom by using the wet soap to adopt on the lenses of the eyeglasses. Such way could help you get rid of the easy cloudy symptom. You could try the above two ways and see whether your eyeglasses lenses get cloudy easily.