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Anthony campbell


Can I get contact lenses with an eyeglass prescription?

How long does it take to make contact lenses? It's 6AM right now, and I want them by 1PM. Is that realistic?
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  • 04/12/2012

    No. An eyeglass prescription is different from that of the contact lenses. You should take an eye exam before you order your contact lenses. Then the doctor might make the lenses suitable for you. I know you can get the contact lenses back the same day as you order them, but the specific time will depends on your prescription.
  • walkbyfth


    No, the prescription for contact lenses and eyeglasses are different because the contact lenses will put into your eyes while eyeglasses just hang on your face. And usually contact are made with non prescription and different level of prescription and already to sell. As long as you offer your prescription, they will provide the proper contact lenses from their stocks for you.