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it is too cheap to buy 2 sets of glasses for $79?

Hey guys, had absolutely no idea which forum to post in so I just put it here (move if required) I'm looking to buy some glasses soon as my prescription has changed quite drastically since my last checkup. The optometrists quoted me $300 just for my lenses, so yeah... online I went :) I've found a few sites and would like some feedback if anyone has used any of them. All of their base prices are around the same area (65-100). Ausspecs currently have something going on where you can buy 2 sets of glasses for $79 which is pretty damn cheap. But are they too cheap?
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  • Erin rupert


    look at this thread before buying anything online: forum-replies.cfm?t=874622 be very careful. anything originating from China/HK, even though the site seems to be based locally, is more than often selling fake goods.
  • walki


    I bought from with the discount code from the glasses blog- The glasses are fine, and I got them adjusted for free by an optometrist that I just walked into off the street. I'm happy with the glasses and I'm happy with the price I've paid for them.
  • kenny


    You totally can take a look at, there are many good cheap glasses, most of them are sold under $40 for one pair. I purchased glasses from them frequently, the quality is ok and the shipping is very fast. I highly recommend them to you. I hope it helps.